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Home Assistant Dashboard – Nursery

A whole view dedicated to my daughter and her Nursery.

Home Assistant View – Nursery

Relevant Integrations

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Eufy camera
  • Zigbee buttons, temperature, humidity, and motion sensor
  • Tile tracker
    • Attached to the diaper bag or baby stroller


  • Temperature Alert
    • Alert when the temperature in the Nursery is not optimal only if it’s occupied
  • Baby is awake Alert
    • Alert when baby is awake
    • Echo dot in Nursery detects crying sound and turns a dummy switch from Home Assistant cloud on
    • This in turn triggers this automation which plays a notification sound on downstairs speakers letting everyone in the house know.
    • Bonus – it shows a preview image from Nursery cam on the Meural canvas display in the living room
    • Alert if we haven’t taken the baby out for a walk for a couple of days
  • Milk warmer
    • Press a button to turn on the milk warmer, start a timer and play a sound in the correct room when milk is warm.
    • Uses presence detection to trigger an Alexa routine from the echo dot in the same room as the milk warmer

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