Baby Monitor when Travelling – A Smart Solution for Hotel Wi-Fi

Using a Raspberry Pi and a USB Wi-Fi adapter, I successfully bypassed hotel Wi-Fi’s captive portal, connecting my baby monitor camera and other devices seamlessly to a created hotspot. This workaround not only allowed baby monitoring and additional security through the camera’s features but also connected multiple devices without extra hotel charges, providing both peace of mind and cost savings during travel.

Wandering Hour Clock - Front
DIY Open Source

Wifi Connected Wandering Hour Clock

Experience the transformative power of Arduino as I share my journey of upgrading a 3D printed wandering hour clock. Discover how I overcame obstacles, replaced the clock movement with a stepper motor, and enhanced the Arduino code to synchronize time with an NTP server and implement a web server interface for management and troubleshooting. Check out the instructions and code on my GitHub repository.


Magic Mirror

After six years, an upgraded homemade smart mirror project comes to life, involving a 27″ Dell monitor, two-way glass, Raspberry Pi, and various DIY components. Assembled and software-configured with MagicMirror2, the mirror showcases real-time information using diverse modules like news, weather, and music, enhancing convenience and aesthetics.

Automate Boring Stuff Home Assistant

Automate Ring Security Alarm

This homeowner outlines a home automation system using location tracking and presence detection to manage security settings, like arming the home at night or when away. Automations are triggered by family members’ locations via smartphone apps and WiFi connections, and account for specific scenarios such as unlocking doors or motion detection, to avoid false alarms and offer peace of mind without manual intervention. The system also integrates with various smart home devices and platforms.

Home Assistant Automate Boring Stuff

Alexa, warm up the milk

A father improved his milk-warming process with home automation, progressing through three versions. Initially, he used an Alexa voice command with a Kasa smart switch. He then added a Zigbee button for convenience and non-Alexa users. Finally, leveraging his Eero mesh WiFi, he improved location accuracy for the sound alert through Home Assistant, offering a seamless experience regardless of the room. He shares his Home Assistant nursery dashboard for others seeking automation inspiration.