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Home Assistant Dashboard – Family

Introducing one of my Home Assistant dashboard views – Family.

I am starting a new series of “Show and Tell” for some of the views I have created for my Home Assistant dashboard. I had to start with the family view because this is probably the first one I created when I started using HA.


  • Find my
    • When you click on Find my iPhone button, it sends an emergency alert notification with custom sound to the iPhone bypassing any silent mode or does not disturb mode, making it easy to locate it if you are still nearby.
    • I can also trigger the Find My automation through alexa voice command e.g. “Alexa, Find my phone”
  • Good Night
    • Uses the location, motion sensors and mobile charging status at night time as the trigger to activate good night scene
    • Turns off all the unncessary devices and indoor lights and switches
    • Arms the Ring Alarm to Armed-Home mode

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