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Home Assistant Dashboard – Media Center

Another one of my favorite views from the Home Assistant dashboard – Media Center. One view to cover all media players in the house. Some virtual sensors track TV hours, individual streaming apps usage, plex users, etc.



  • Preview image on Meural frame
    • In addition to displaying our family photos, the frame also shows a preview of front door when someone rings the doorbell. It shows media poster of currently playing movie or tv episode as well
  • Start TV ambilight when TV turns on
    • See my post for Demo
  • Turn lights off when playback starts
    • Also dim the lights when playback pauses or stops
  • Turn speech enhancement and night sound on for Sonos speakers
    • When watching TV late night
    • Resets every morning
  • Zigbee remote on my office desk starts/stops Spotify playback on the echo show
    • This ikea 5-button remote also controls Spotify next/previous and volume


Demo: Interactions on Home Assistant Media Center View

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