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Track your emails without asking the receiver to send read receipt

5 thoughts on “Track your emails without asking the receiver to send read receipt

  1. Great article! Email tracking is definitely a great tool for people in sales and for job hunters. When you see someone opening your email several times, or clicking on the link to your resume, it gives you the confidence to pick up the phone and follow up.

    Google only offers read receipts for Google Apps, but you can track your emails for free using services like ContactMonkey (www.contactmonkey.com). Ridiculously simple email tracking for Outlook & Gmail.

    Happy tracking!

  2. Check out MxHero Chrome extension – toolbox.mxhero.com . It’s completely free with unlimited messages and has a great Read Receipt capability even after the recent Google image changes.

  3. I has been using email tracking everyday. However the result is just hit and miss, must bear in mind that it’s not 100% accurate. Also, there are some other amazing free email tracking services laying there, such as yesware.com, whoreadme.com, readnotify.com…

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