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Why 3D movies are a waste of money

Quoted from CNET article on the same topic:

Conservatism hurts the films : The problem: studios have been too conservative, and have been reluctant to go too deep with the 3D, resulting in a 3D movie that doesn’t satisfy anyone. Steve Schklair, CEO of 3ality, said that 3D films can use about 4 percent of the screen’s width for its depth, with 2 percent providing a decent effect. Most live-action films now shoot at a depth of about a half percent, which barely registers with viewers.

3D glasses (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
3D glasses (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Studios are reluctant to make use of advanced 3D technology because they are afraid the audience might complain for discomfort which were associated with early 3D technology. Another reason as pointed out in the article is the lost revenue for the theaters as they can’t sell tickets in the front few rows because deeper 3D movies require the viewers to sit further back.  With improvements in 3D technology and viewers willing to pay higher (and sometimes unjustifiable) price for tickets, it is time for studios to adapt the true capabilities of 3D technology or don’t produce 3D movies at all.

The article does not refer to IMAX 3D movies which in my opinion are the best. I have watched Avatar and Life of Pi in IMAX 3D and believe me I was stunned by the 3D experience. But the 3D movies such as The Amazing Spider-Man and Transformers 3 disappointed me so much that I swore to not watch another movie in 3D for a while.

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