Android App – ETA Trip Manager

Another demo from one of my favorite classes at New York University. As part of my mobile application group project, we wanted to work on a mobile app that solves a common problem among friends when planning a meetup and also combines our learning from the Cloud Computing class.


Have you ever wanted an app that suggests when you should leave for a meetup based on the ETA (Expected Time of Arrival) for others? It’s very common for some friends to arrive earlier than others and have to wait for an unreasonable amount of time for the others to show up. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app for that? Well, now we do have an app for that! This app lets you create a meetup with friends and suggests the best time to leave based on your friends’ ETA. It continuously updates as it receives the latest location information from the users’ devices.


ETA Meeting Manager – Architecture Diagram


  • OAuth Sign in using Google+
  • Display Picture from Google+
  • Create a Trip
    • Invite friends
    • User can select a place from Foursquare Places API
  • View All Trips
  • Active Trip
    • Show an ETA for each friend based on their current location using Google Distance Matrix API
    • Sugested time to leave for the user based on others’ ETA


There are so many opportunities for future growth. I am going to list some of them down from the top of my head

  • Suggest a place that’s convenient for most friends when planning a meetup
    • Based on the category/activity e.g. Food, Outdoor
  • Push notifications
  • Social sign in options (e.g. Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.)
  • Chat and Video/Audio Calling
  • Shared photos for the meetup where users can upload photos to share with other participants in the same meetup
  • Mode of transport (e.g. Car, Train, Walk, etc.)
  • Rewards system for being first and penalty for being late


ETA Trip Manager – Demo

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